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Parson's Fashion Designer trained for production management
Domestic and Sustainable Production for Fashion

Most production managers are not designers. Anthony, however, graduated from Parsons and has designed for many big names. He has also launched his own line, RESTORE Clothing. Fulfilling his own dream of having a line made him aware of his passion for making it happen for others

Fashion is a human intensive industry. At RESTORE, our main concern is to keep close communication with the factory operators working on our client’s projects. This is the only way to get the job done timely and in a cost effective manner

Relationships and Network for Fashion Production in NYC

Anthony is passionate about sustainability, especially as it relates to domestic manufacturing. He’s a founding member of NYC’s Save the Garment Center, teaches Sustainable Manufacturing at the FIT and brings sustainable thinking to all his clients. 

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Anthony Lilore Fashion Producton and Sustainability Consultant

RESTORE is led by Anthony Lilore, who has been designing & managing fashion production for over 30 years. He has established relationships with an extensive network of trusted resources. RESTORE is not affiliated with any specific supplier so we can choose to collaborate with any of them with our client’s goals in mind

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